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for my bad memories..

Lynx for Win32

Lynx는 리눅스용 텍스트 기반 웹부라우저..
사실 Lynx는 html을 txt로 덤핑을 떠주는 기능이 있는데 이게 참 유용함.

예를 들어.. 아래의 html 이 있을때..

이걸 아래와 같이 텍스트로 변경하면..

lynx.exe -dump test.html > test.txt

요렇게 나옴.

Building Tcl 8.6 single file applications - a step-by-step guide

   Published 2020-12-28

   There  is  plenty of reference material on the Internet about building
   single  file  applications  with Tcl but as is often is the case, some
   bit  rot  has  set  in that makes it confusing for new users. Taking a
   break  from our series on Tcl 8.7, this short post aims to remedy that
   by providing a step-by-step guide for the process.

   Note  however  that  there  are  a  lot of base technologies (tclkits,
   [1]freewrap  etc.), each of which additionally have multiple levels of
   functionality  with  a  variety  of  configuration  options. This post
   provides  a recipe for building a single file application for just one
   specific combination based on the tclkit core. It does not go into any
   level  of  detail;  for  that, see one of the references listed at the

   The  sample  application  we will create, demo.exe, prints all numbers
   supplied  as  arguments  on  the  command line using a package we call

Step 1: download prerequisites


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