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SDL GUI 툴킷 정리

내친김에 SDL에서 사용 가능한 GUI 툴킷을 정리해본다.

a cross-plataform, easy-to-use, non-intrusive C++ GUI library that runs on top of SDL

a high-level graphical C application framework aimed primarly at 2D/3D games and simulations. Agar applications are portable to a variety of platforms thanks to the for SDL 2D and OpenGL rendering. Thread safe

a high-level crossplatform application framework and GUI library. It is completely based on the SimpleDirectMedia Layer (SDL). Works on any environment where SDL exists.

“a new Graphical User Interface architecture designed with embedded systems in mind. … includes low-level graphics and input, widgets, themeing, layout, font rendering, network transparency, and debugging features.” Also can be an alternative windowing system (when running on framebuffers)

a simple, platform independent dialog manager library using SDL

AntTweakBar is a small and easy-to-use C/C++ library that allows programmers to quickly add a light and intuitive graphical user interface into graphic applications based on OpenGL, DirectX 9 or DirectX 10 to interactively tweak their parameters on-screen. Program variables can be bound to graphical controls that allow users to modify them. Thus, parameters exposed by programmers can be easily modified. They are displayed into the graphical application through one or more embedded windows called tweak bars. The AntTweakBar library mainly targets graphical applications that need a quick way to tune parameters (even in fullscreen mode) and see the result in real-time like 3D demos, games, prototypes, inline editors, debug facilities of weightier graphical applications, etc.

A portable C++ GUI library designed for games using Allegro, HGE, OpenGL, OpenLayer and/or SDL.

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