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livier Lapicque, writer of ModPlug (the BEST mod-like music player out there), sent me his mod rendering code, under the GPL, in early December. Seeing as how the current version of ModPlug for Linux was rather outdated and had no GUI, I took it upon myself to make ModPlug into an XMMS Plugin. For those who don’t know, XMMS is a music player for Unix-like operating systems which resembles WinAmp, exept that it looks nicer.

have only tested this version on Linux ix86, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work on other OS’s that support XMMS. So far it is known to work on most, if not all 32-bit platforms.

libmodplug를 이용하는 프로젝트들.

다운로드: 0.8.2,

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